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Toe Stand

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Yoga Practice

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Young Ballet Class

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Break Dance

Let your performance dreams begin here 

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Across the Floor opened its doors in 1996, and for over twenty years has been bringing the performing arts to the Woodbridge Community. We are not just about creating an excellent dancer; we strive to inspire creativity, hard work, perseverance, independence, and foster community building through the performing arts.

Whether it's your first class or you're highly trained, ATF is excited to take you further on your journey into the world of dance, gymnastics, singing, performance, fitness, and so much more. 


is to develop self-confidence, poise, discipline and the concentration needed to succeed in life through the performing arts. Our instructors inspire our students to dream big and push their talents to the limit. Whatever their goal - a professional career or personal enjoyment - each student if offered equal attention and opportunity to perform.

We did a recent survey and here's why our customers stay at ATF...

"It was the only studio that focused on one dance concept instead of splitting the time between ballet and gymnastics.

She was 3 and had never taken any type of dance class before and I thought she needed more focused instruction."

"Our kids enjoy the classes and it's the best school around. Instructors and owners truly care for the kids.

"We left our previous school for failure to communicate with us. We were looking for a supportive community, strong teachers who would encourage a love of learning dance and strong communication from the staff. We found all of this at ATF."

"Small class sizes, options for one on one classes if needed, amazing staff that goes above and beyond for the students and families, teachers who remember my child’s name/my name or who we are and honestly care about the students."

"We love everything about ATF - Ms. Sara, the focused instruction, the encouragement and confidence its built in my daughter, Ms. Cathy and the how welcoming and friendly all the office staff are, the price is fair."

"My daughter's progress and love for dance is nourished by the teaching at ATF. The teachers have an excellent rapport with the students they teach."

"I have been very happy with my child's progression, she has made friends and I trust the teachers."

"Our daughter loves and respects her teachers. This is reciprocated by the staff."

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