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Across the Floor is the only studio in the area that does not offer “combo” classes like ballet-tumble or ballet-tap. Our mission is for students to achieve higher learning and quicker advancement. We believe that the students in our 1st Position Program will attain this goal by getting 45 minutes of instruction in one concentration. 


Our studio has classes for all levels, girls and boys and ages three  through adult. We encourage children and adults of all abilities to do their best in a relaxed and non-intimidating atmosphere. Most of our classes are designed for those who want to dance, have fun, learn something new, exercise and perform. In addition to dance skills and technique, we stress proper behavior, respect for self and others, performing skills, proper body conditioning and responsibility. For experienced dancers who want to study more seriously Across the Floor offers competitive dance teams. 


Competitive dance is an important aspect of dance training as it prepares dancers for more than just performance with others in their dance studio and their communities, but the competing with peers from a variety of areas and skill levels. Competition encourages dancers to push past their comfort zone and challenge themselves to soar to new heights.

Competitive dancers are some of the most well rounded dancers who work professionally in the industry with many former competitive dancers going on to work on Broadway and the big screen. Many "competition kids" include the likes of Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake. Many of our competition dancers have already gone on to work with the likes of Debbie Allen, and many "So You Think You Can Dance" choreographers. Our dancers have also gone on to be cast in music videos, and major motion pictures such as "Step Up".


Even if your dancer is not looking to dance professionally, the benefits of competitive dance are endless. Competitive dance teaches children how to be outgoing, builds self-confidence, and teaches a sense of teamwork. The friendships that our dancers and our dance parents make with not only their team mates is also so an important reason why competitive dance is a wonderful addition to your child's dance education, as the dancers and and parents become more like family than a team.

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Across the Floor announces its new summer speciality programs. Choose from a musical theater experience for children ages 6-12, a cabaret/audition prep experience for ages 10+ or our dance intensive for the more series dancers.

We also offer a 6-Week STAY STRONG ALL SUMMER SAMPLERS program for those that want to try something new or continue their training for the summer.

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