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Preschool dancers

ATF "First Position Program"

Does your 3-5 year old like to twirl or tumble in your living room? 
Our First Position Program may be the answer!

Benefits to Across the Floor’s 1st Position Program include:

  • Program designed for our youngest dancers 3-5 year olds

  • Small class size

  • Focussed training

  • No wasted class time changing shoes

  • Special pricing

  • Full curriculum and classroom structure

  • Participation in annual recital


At Across the Floor, we believe that the first classroom experience is an important one since it’s the foundation for all learning. In this age group, attention span is critical to the learning process. In order for young students to be taught anything, they must first be taught how to pay attention. 


Across the Floor is the only studio in the area that does not offer “combo” classes like ballet-tumble or ballet-tap. Our mission is for students to achieve higher learning and quicker advancement. We believe that the students in our 1st Position Program will attain this goal by getting 45 minutes of instruction in one concentration. 

As consumers, parents think they are getting a “2 for 1” deal or a bargain when they sign their child up for a “combo” class. In fact, it can be detrimental to the child’s progress as it’s very difficult for these students to switch tracks in the middle of the class. The student’s attention is lost when changing their shoes/attire while the instructor sets up to teach the next discipline. At the end of the year(s), these students don’t really end up learning as much and this type of experience can equate to a waste of time and money spent.


At Across the Floor, each one of our 1st Position Program instructors follow the same curriculum and all the classes are structured the same. This makes it easier when students come to make-up classes with a different instructor


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