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When and Where do I drop off my child?

- See report times on other menu tab

- Your child should be in full hair/makeup with first costume on.

- Make sure all items are labeled with your child’s name.

- Send them with water only. No snacks.


When I arrive at the venue, what do I do?

  • Bring your child to the report area around the right side of the building. 

  • You and your guests will need to wait in line to the left of the main entrance until the doors open.

  • Have your email ticket receipt or QR scan code ready to show at the door.

  • You will receive an envelope package containing a program and a wristband for each guest which must be worn in order to enter the auditorium.

  • If your child is in the gym recital AND the dance recital, you WILL NOT receive another envelope on Saturday. So please be sure to bring it with you, especially the wristbands needed to enter.

  • If your child is in more than one act/show, you will have a different color band for each one included in the envelope.

  • Be sure to look out for the FREE Ice Cream coupon for each performer!

Can I buy tickets at the door?


Are we able to reserve our seats?

  • There is no reserved seating. All seating is open. First come-first served.

  • Doors will open for seating 20 minutes before each show.

  • Line will form outside the building to the left of the main entrance.

  • Masks need to be worn when you enter and exit the building and when moving throughout the space.

  • Masks will not be required when seated.

  • If your child is in multiple acts/shows, you will be able to keep your same seats.


If my child is in multiple routines, can I help change their costume?

  • You are welcome to come to the dressing room to change your child.


Can I pick up my child as soon as they are done performing?

  • No. You may only pick up your child at the end of each act/show.


How long will each act/show be?

  • Each act/show is expected to be approximately 45 minutes long.

When & Where do I pick up my trophies/flowers?

  • Pick up pre-ordered items before your act/show in the lobby.

  • There may be some extra for sale on recital day- CASH ONLY

  • Please wait to give your gifts to your performer until after the act/show.


When & Where do I pick up my child?

  • Performers must remain until the end of the act/show.

  • At the end of the act/show, performers will be released and picked up in the lobby.

  • If your child is in more than one act/show, they can stay in the holding/dressing area.


Can we bring snacks & refreshments into the show?

  • No food/drinks are permitted in the auditorium.

  • There will be concessions sold outside. 


When can we expect the video link of the show?

  • We will send you a video link of the recital a few weeks after the show.

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